Sridevi’s death anniversary: ​​At the age of 13, Sridevi played the role of Rajinikanth’s mother

New Delhi: One of the best actresses of Bollywood Sridevi (Sridevi) has bid farewell to the world on this day, 14 February 2018. But her memories are still fresh in the hearts of fans and Bollywood stars. Sridevi started her career as a child artist and gave a new identity to the film world.

This film was made by Rajinikanth’s mother

Did you know that at the age of 13 Sridevi (Sridevi) became the onscreen mother of superstars like Rajinikanth. Not only that, the girlfriend of the same actor was also made after that. Sridevi (Sridevi) was overjoyed to play Rajinikanth’s mother in the Tamil film ‘Mudru Mudichu’ as Rajinikanth was considered a superstar at the time. Rajinikanth was 25 at the time and Sridevi (13) was playing the role of his stepmother. Apart from Sridevi and Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan was seen in ‘Mudru Mudichu’.

This was Sridevi’s real name

Please say that Sridevi’s real name was Shri Amma Young Ayyappan (Shri Amma Younger Ayyappan) but later her name was changed to Sridevi for the film. Sridevi acted in 13 films with Anil Kapoor. He did 16 films with Jitendra. Anil Kapoor later became Sridevi’s brother-in-law. Sridevi was married to Anil’s elder brother Bonnie Kapoor. Sridevi, who has acted in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films, presented many memorable pictures to the devotees. Over time, Sridevi and Rajinikanth’s friendship deepens. Sridevi and Rajinikanth worked together in about 20 films.

Today is a full three years

On 24 February 2018, the news of Sridevi’s death shook the whole country. Sridevi went to a relative’s wedding in Dubai at that time. He died at a hotel there.

Superstars made from these movies

People called Sridevi ‘Joyce Ko Taisa’, ‘Julie’, ‘Sixteenth Year’, ‘Himmatwala’, ‘Justice Chowdhury’, ‘Johnny Dost’, ‘Shilpi’, ‘Sadma’, ‘Akalmand’, ‘Inquilab’, ‘Jagrat’. ‘,’ Naya Kadam ‘,’ Purpose ‘,’ Gift ‘,’ Sacrifice ‘,’ Master G ‘,’ Sarfarosh ‘,’ Last Way ‘,’ Bhagwan Dada ‘,’ Dharma Adhikari ‘,’ Ghar Sansar ‘,’ Nagina ‘ ‘,’ Karma ‘,’ Suhagan ‘,’ Sultani ‘,’ Awlad ‘,’ Courage and Hard Work ‘,’ Najrana ‘,’ Jawab Hum Denge ‘,’ Mr. Bharat ‘,’ Singh ‘,’ Son Pe Suhaga ‘, ‘Chandni’, ‘Guru’, ‘Nigein’, ‘Banjran’, ‘Farishte’, ‘Pathar Manab’, ‘Lamhe’, ‘Khuda Sakshi’, ‘Heer Ranja’, ‘Chandramukhe’, ‘Bhrant’, ‘Roop’ Queen of Thieves ‘,’ Pieces of the Moon ‘,’ Ladla ‘,’ Army ‘,’ Mr. He has acted in films like ‘Bechara’, ‘Kaun Sacha Kun Jhuta’, ‘Judai’, ‘Mr. India 2’.

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