Special discussion: Director-writer Shramit Singh says – OTT platform has become a means of survival.

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Mumbai3 hours agoAuthor: Jyoti Sharma

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Director-writer Shramit Singh has done several short films and web series so far. Not only that, he has also helped many famous directors in the film world. In an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar, Singh also spoke about his experience working with directors such as Journey, Web Show, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sriram Raghavan.

Q. ‘Son-in-law’ and ‘son-in-law 2. How did the journey begin?
A. The idea of ​​converting the television program ‘Jamai’ into a web show as a test on the G5, has a distinct audience on television. The whole family was seen sitting together on the television show. But when it comes to web shows, everyone keeps an eye on it individually. When it comes to doing a web show about a popular TV show, ‘Jamai’ is a show that people love. A new story was created with the characters of the show, which people liked. The audience liked the first season. So season 2 is brought out. In these two seasons, all the characters were presented in the same way as the TV shows. However, it can be seen in action shows and web shows. Just as the TV serial ‘Jamai’ was transformed into a web show, so is season 2 i.e. ‘Kabul Hai 2’ of a TV serial ‘Kabul Hai’ coming.

Q. How important is the OTT platform for managers?
A. The OTT platform is a means of survival. No matter how many serials or short films are directed, he is not considered as a director. Until he directed a good film. And it’s hard for an outsider to find a film to direct. Web usage has increased and increased due to Kovid. People have started watching more web shows because of the lockdown. Because of this, many new and old directors are getting the opportunity to showcase their art at OTT.

Q. What has Sanjay Leela done with directors like Bhansali and Sriram Raghavan, their specialty was that it is difficult to help a big director?
I started my career with Sanjay Leela Vonsali. My last film I helped was ‘Badlapur’ with Sriram Raghawan Zia. The two directors made completely different types of films. Sriram Raghawan has made thriller psychological films like ‘Andhadhundhu’, ‘Badlapur’. This is his zone, he has mastered it. At the same time Vansali likes to paint like Sir Larger Than Life. Their canvas remains very large, the sets large. There are many benefits to working with such a director. When you do something after making a film, you know what kind of filmmaker you are. But when you work with such a director, there is no problem. But you get many opportunities to learn. Be it Vansali Sir or Shri Ram Raghawan Sir, it is helpful to help you have real time experience about how they should do any scene. You can learn a lot about how to summarize an actor, how to do framing. By working with them you receive a lot of good quality from them, which you don’t know. I have received a lot of praise for my framing in all the work I have done so far and I have learned this thing from Vonsali Sir. So at the same time, I have learned from Shri Ram Raghawan Sir to show me big and good in case of less money. For example, if you invest Rs 40, you get a profit of Rs 240.

Q. When and how did you decide to approach?
A. I am from the city of Banaras. My parents were government employees. In such a family, whether it is a direction or a matter of the film industry, they do not get support. For this, I have completed my studies before. After that he started working but also studied theater. Not only that, I also did a serial when I was in Benares. Which was on Doordarshan at that time. I also have a hobby of writing, I have also published 2 books. From the family I come from, I can’t say I have to work in the film industry. For this I had to prove myself. First I did MBA, then I started working. I worked for four years and left in 2008. He was 25 years old then. I got a job as a U.S. chief at a U.S. agency. I got everything ahead of time and the salary was good too. After which I put my savings, I thought I could take a chance now. When I was about to enter the film industry, people in my neighborhood started imparting knowledge. The director of the bank where I went to take a loan started giving me knowledge. The biggest thing is that people would demotivate me too, because I don’t know anyone in this industry. I did a film making course first, second, I didn’t have to struggle too much because of my nature. So my first job was in place of Sanjay Leela Vonsali. His sister sent me to him. Because my teacher was Bhansali and Sir’s sister was a friend. I never needed anyone’s help again and I never looked back.

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