Special conversation on Apan 2: 14 years later, in the sequel to ‘Apan’, Dharmendra, three generations of the Deol family, said, ‘I was looking forward to this day’.

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  • Apan 2:14 years later, in the sequel to the movie ‘Apan’, Dharmendra, the 3rd generation of the Deol family, said, “I was looking forward to this day”.

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Kiran Jain9 minutes ago

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On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, a good announcement has come from the Deol family for their fans. He said through social media that preparations have started for the sequel of ‘Apon’ movie Apo 2. The third generation of Deol family – Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Karan Deol will be seen together in the film and if Dharmendra believes this will be the specialty of this film.

The film, directed by Anil Sharma, will be released on Diwali in 2021. During the conversation with Daily Bhaskar, Dharmendra shared some special features related to the sequel.

In today’s picture, we will try to show the sensations of the generation:

People liked the movie ‘Apon’ a lot. People are connected to every emotion that appears in the film and that is why we are bringing sequels. In this picture, we will try to show the sensations of today’s generation. Today’s viewers can be seen in this picture. Emotions never die, this sequel will also have emotions but thrills. We are bringing a story in front of people that will be completely unexpected. The audience will think of something else and there will be something else on the screen. I’m sure the love we found in the first film will be found in this sequel as well.

I am very excited about this project:

I don’t know how many pictures in my career but ‘Apon 2’ will be very special for me. I am very sensitive about this project because three generations of the Deol family can be seen together on one screen. I will be working alongside son Sunny and Bobby, which I am very excited about. Looks like I was looking forward to this day. Honestly I can’t describe the joy of working verbally with my grandson Karan. I’m crazy (laughs) doing my grandson, I’m sure he’ll do something.

A glimpse of Boxer can be seen, though its story will be completely different:

Each character in the film has Boxer’s blood, so the sequel will have a glimpse of Boxer, although its story is written in a completely different script with the current generation in mind. At the moment, we are thinking of announcing ‘Apon 2’. Shooting will start in March 2021 and the film will be released on Diwali.

Apon was released in 2007

Let me tell you that Dharmendra played the role of a boxer in the 2007 film ‘Apon’. He wanted his sons Angad (Sunny Deol) and Karan (Bobby Deol) to become world champion boxers. Apart from Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby, the film also stars Shilpa Sethi, Katrina Kaif, Divya Dutt, Kiran Kher, Javed Sheikh, Parveen Dabas and Arya Vaidya in the lead roles.

Dharmendra’s daughter Ahana is happy to have twins

Dharmendra’s daughter Ahna Deol recently gave birth to twins. Dharmendra said, “Very happy to be a grandma again. She always wanted twins and God heard her (laughs) and the whole family is very happy.”


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