Special Conversation: Divyanka Tripathi has also been the victim of abusive behavior, stating that the actor has made wrong comments twice.

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Mumbai3 hours agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is currently appearing in the show ‘Crime Patrol Vigilant: Woman Against Crime’. By hosting the show, she is making women aware of the crime that is being committed. However, did you know that Divyanka has also been subjected to abusive behavior in her real life. In an exclusive interview with Daily Vaskar, Divyanka said that she too had been treated badly and regretted that she did not take any action at that time.

I’m a well-known actress, so the person in front should have been scared
Divyanka Tripathi explains, “Recently I had an incident where an actor treated me offensively, made offensive remarks. I am a famous actress, so the person in front should have been scared. It should have been understood that I could raise my voice. I can raise my voice against it in the media, but there was no fear in front. He made offensive remarks about me and I was shocked. When I could say something, the front went out. I still regret why I did not go back at that time. I will not respond. “

I hated myself, wondering why I didn’t raise my voice
Divyanka further said, “Such incidents have happened to me not once, but twice. A very famous actor has also commented on me. Even then I could not say anything. Twice I kept thinking and kept quiet. He said that it was my job. It will be ruined. Today when I think, I am very sorry. I hate myself, why don’t I raise my voice. If I talk, maybe I don’t want to correct my mistake with 10 more girls now through this show. I would like to warn them that if they fall into such a situation, they raise their voices and spread awareness in the society. “

I want to join such projects so that I can make women aware of our society
During the conversation, Divyanka said that she is very much inclined towards women empowerment. She said, “Whenever my conscience and I are discouraged about a project, I have a strong inclination towards women’s empowerment. When the ‘Crime Patrol’ offer came up, I was like this idea. I was waiting for it. I want to give, so that I can make women aware of our society. ”Let me tell you, Divyanka Tripathi was part of many popular TV shows and web series.

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