Sonu’s new job: Somewhere Oxygen has sent an oxygen cylinder somewhere, Sonu Sud has already started a new job, says in the video – Contact for marriage

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7 hours ago

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As soon as the name of Sonu Sud comes to mind, the same thing comes to mind and some needy people come forward to help. But this time he has started a new job. It shows him playing the band. Sonu shared this video on social media and wrote- Contact immediately for marriage. In fact, Sonu is also shooting her photo. In such a situation, a glimpse of his talent was also seen.

Sonu sent injections and cylinders
Sonu Sood said through her social media story that she also sent 10 oxygen cylinders to the needy in Remedysbury and Indore. He also demanded from the central government to cancel the offline test a few days ago. Sonu said corona infection is on the rise in the country, so it is not right to risk the lives of students for exams.

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