Sonu’s growing popularity: Fan was coming to Mumbai from Bihar to ride Sona Sood, the actor heard this and called him to Mumbai by plane.

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16 minutes ago

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Sonu Sood, who helped migrant workers during the lockdown, has grown so popular that people are ready to travel thousands of kilometers to Mumbai to meet them.

One fan recently did something like that. A young man named Arman started cycling from Bihar to Mumbai to meet Sonar. As soon as Sonu found out about this, he stopped Arman from doing it.

Sonu immediately contacted Arman and told him, “Look don’t do this.” You want to meet, of course you want to meet, but it’s not like that.

Arman reached Varanasi by bicycle. Sonu has called him on a flight to Mumbai for her expenses and she must meet him by staying at the hotel. After that he will be sent back to Patna.

Speaking on a website, Sonu said, “Not only Arman but his bicycle will be brought to Mumbai and then he will be sent back. How can we leave such a precious thing? Sonu said that he has to find time to meet Arman because this time he He is very busy helping the poor.

The video went viral to worship Sonu

Earlier, a video of a devotee of Sonu Sud at the Lord’s Temple was also released. So that he is seen to worship them. But Sonu shared this video and wrote that my place should be in your heart, not here. However, Sonu’s fans are constantly expressing their views in this video.

The Election Commission has given big responsibilities

Seeing the amazing popularity of Sonu, the Election Commission has made Sonu a state icon of Punjab. Sonu will now be seen spreading awareness about the Punjab elections. The Governor of Punjab also shared about this new responsibility on social media.

Governor VP Singh wrote: “I congratulate Sonu Sood that the Election Commission has made her a state icon. Now they will make people aware of moral voting. Your efforts were appreciated in the Corona era. May God bless you.”

Sonu VP Singh shared Badnor’s tweet – “Thank you sir for this enthusiastic word. It is an honor that cannot be described in words. I am honored.


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