Sonu Sood’s picture shows a man worshiping, the actor’s reaction in the video has won people’s hearts

Sonu Sud (Photo Credit – @ Sonu_Sud / Instagram)

Sonu Sood responded in a video, where a man is seen in the picture worshiping her in a worship room. This answer of Sonu Sud has won the hearts of people on the internet.

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  • Latest version:November 17, 2020, 5:40 pm IST

Mumbai Sonu Sood has been called the Messiah of migrants ever since he did great work for migrant workers during the Corona virus epidemic. Sonu Sood not only responds to every person seeking help through social media, but also helps her. At the same time Sonu Sood has recently come to the headlines for some similar reasons. Sonu Sood responded in a video of one of her fans, where this person is seen worshiping in Sonu Sood’s picture. At the same time, Sonu’s answer has won the hearts of people on the internet.

In fact, recently on Twitter Diwali A person has shared a video on his account on the occasion of Somnath Srivastava. Which he had shown the house of worship. In addition to the idols of God, a framed picture of Sonu Sud is also kept in this house of worship. This image is being worshiped as God. While sharing the video, this person wrote – ‘Silently works well, Dua will speak for itself !! … prostration ‘. Sonu Sood wrote in response to this video – ‘I don’t have a place here .. you should just remember. Watch the video shared by Sonu Sud fans here

At the same time, Sonu’s response to this video of fans has won people’s hearts. Everyone seemed to appreciate his style.


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