Sonu Sood wants to play a role in his biopic, Sonu said – but it’s too early

13 hours ago

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Sonu Sood is quite worried about her biopic. He says he wants to do his own thing in his biopic. So it would be too early to make his biopic, as there is still more work to be done. So they want to help more people instead of rejoicing in their achievements.

I don’t think a film should be made too soon
In an interview with SpotBoy, Sonu said, “It will be too soon to make a film about me.” I have more to do now. There are many goals to be achieved. But there are some producers who want to make not one but many films in the last few months of my life. But I don’t think I’m ready to make a film about my life.

Sonu’s work so far
Sonu has so far worked to bring migrant workers to their homes, help students with their studies, help with medical care, and provide jobs for people. At the same time Sonu has recently started several scholarships in the name of her mother Professor Saroj Suder. This includes scholarships for IAS, JEE and many more educational projects.

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