Sonu Sood explains why Manikarnika left – I’m 60 percent cut off, sorry but can’t say anything

A month ago

Manikarnika is released in 2019. Sonu Sood was also playing an important role in the film at that time, but later Sonu left the movie without saying anything. Now Sonu said in an interview that he made this decision after Kangana became the director. Sonu said- he is my best friend but he did not feel comfortable shooting me the way he wanted to.

Kangana does not want to hurt

Sonu said about this – Kangana has been my best friend for many years. So I didn’t want to hurt him. But while we were shooting for the main parts of Manikarnika, I asked my director if we needed to start shooting again and he said he would be able to now.

The narrator who gave it to me was not in the picture

Sonu further said- Kangana told him that she wants to direct the film and wants my support. I said ok but we have to set him up again because he worked really hard for the film but he refused and said he would direct the whole film. I then told him to leave the film. After that I saw that 80 percent of my scenes were cut. The scenes were narrated to me. They did not exist. I told Kangana and she thought like a friend that she wanted to shoot them separately.

The film was given four months

Sonu said- Then I told Kangana that she is my best friend but I don’t feel comfortable shooting the way she wants me to. I agreed to work with the previous script and director. I never said anything to anyone after that. I gave this picture four months. Also some projects were abandoned. I was very sad, but I couldn’t tell anyone.

Only work with one director at a time

Sonu said in response to Kangana’s allegation that she did not want to work with any female director, this was not her statement. Sonu said- I never said because I have already wished Farah a Happy New Year. I said I can’t work on the same set with two directors. I will always stand in this stand. As many movies as I’ve done in the 80’s or 90’s, I’ve only worked with one director at a time. This is my position and I will stick to it


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