Sonu Sood Cure India to release toll free numbers for 18-year-old heart surgeons released

A month ago

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Sonu Sud has become another name for women. This month, Sonu added a third big job to the support list. Sonu has now started the Curie India Initiative for Pediatric Heart Surgery. To make the service available to the public, he also posted a toll free number on his Twitter. Sunu named this special service Courier India .. Samarth Bharat Svartha Bharat Bharat

Assistance can be obtained through toll free number

Sonu has been receiving information about such cases for the last several months. Even then, he was busy taking immigrants to his home. In such a situation, Sonu’s move has become a new ray of hope for all parents who do not have enough money for heart surgery for children aged 0-18 years. Also, you will be able to get treatment related information on 02067083686. Rotary will support Sonu in this work.

The third big job of the month

This month, Sonu has done two more big things. The first was the announcement to start a scholarship in the name of his mother Professor Saroj Suder. The Sholaife app was launched two days ago where users will get more than 100 scholarships. Third, this initiative for children. Earlier, he had also arranged for the students to be taken to the center for JEE examination.


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