Sonu Nigam is angry at a special section of the media, the video has been released

New Delhi Sonu Nigam recently uploaded a video on her social media platform, where she is listening to a part of the media. Sonu Nigam says in her video that she woke up in the morning and found an article that Sonu Nigam did not want her son to be a singer in this country. Trawler comments have also been made in the news.

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Speak offensively to specific media sections
Sonu Nigam has objected to the names of media houses. Also said that my son is a singer, he is very talented. But whoever thinks he will do it. Watch the video-

Sonu Nigam said that some media persons are so leftist that they even hate their right hand. He further said that I am a central person, I am an Indian, you can never be.

Decision on the boy
Sonu Nigam said that the way the debate on nepotism is going on in India. The actor’s son, the actor’s son’s singer-songwriter, with the same thing in mind I said I wouldn’t force my son into this profession. It should be appreciated, not so said.

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