Sonu launches interest scholarship scheme on Saroj’s death anniversary, IAS to help students

7 days ago

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Actor Sonu Sood has launched a scholarship scheme for those interested in joining IAS. Sonu announced this scholarship on the 13th death anniversary of her mother. Sonu tweeted on Tuesday – 13th October, my mother is 13 years old. He has left a legacy of education. On the occasion of his death anniversary, I promised to help IAS participants reach their goals. This will be done through Professor Saroj’s interest scholarship. I want your blessings, mother, I miss you.

Earlier on Monday, Sonu Sood released a teaser of the scholarship through a tweet. He wrote that it would be a big announcement for IAS participants. A gold interest venture.

Sonu gets inspiration from her mother Saroj

In July this year, Sonu Sood shared a picture on her mother’s birthday. Sonu was quite young and her mother was feeding her sweets. In it he wrote- Happy Birthday Mother. Always guide me as you have done all my life. I want to hug you and tell you how much I love you. I also know that you will miss me no matter where you are. Life is not always the same. But you are the angel who instructed me. See you soon Missing you


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