Soni Rajdan Kangana tweeted: “Yes, it is true that people do not suddenly get up and kill themselves, but the seriousness of mental health as a disease must be understood.”

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  • Sony Rajdan digs near Kangana Ranaut to name Mahesh Bhatt while responding to AIIMS report on Sushant Singh Rajput death case

18 days ago

In her tweet about the AIIMS report, Kangana asked why Mahesh Bhatt was psycho-analyzing Sushant Singh Rajput.

Following the AIIMS final report in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Kangana Ranaut once again hit the head of the movie mafia and blamed the niece and the movie mafia for the suicide. He also mentioned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. After which his wife Soni Rajdan responded to the allegations and Kangana responded.

Kangana asked in her tweet after the AIIMS report, through which authority is Mahesh Bhatt analyzing Sushant’s psychology? After which, while replying to them in gestures, Sonny wrote about taking mental health seriously and not making fun of it. In the final report, AIMS ruled out the possibility of murder in Sushant’s case, calling it a suicide case.

Yes people do not kill themselves suddenly

Kangana wrote in her tweet about the AIIMS report that ‘young and extra ordinary people don’t wake up one day and end up on their own’. About which Sonny wrote, “People who say people don’t wake up in the morning and kill themselves … yes they don’t do that at all and that’s the point.” They have been suffering for many years and do so only after a long and hard struggle. Sadly, they just have to make a choice. “

It is very important to focus on mental health

“Choosing alternatives doesn’t mean moving away from life … it’s about getting out of the problem they’re struggling with,” Sonny wrote. Sadly, they also commit suicide. Mental health should not be underestimated. It is crucial to understand its severity as a disease. Also, there is nothing to fear or shame about treating it. It can save your life. ‘

Kangana tweeted four times

After four reports were released by the AIIMS on Saturday, Kangana again blamed Sushant’s death for the movie mafia and nepotism. He writes that resisting suicide is also murder.

Special people do not kill themselves

The actress wrote in the first tweet, ‘Young and extra-ordinary people don’t wake up one day and end up on their own. Sushant said he was being harassed. She was scared for her life. He said the movie mafia had banned him and was harassing him. She was emotionally traumatized after being falsely accused of rape.

Kangana raised three questions

Kangana wrote in her second tweet – we need to know the answers to some questions after the latest progress 1) SSR has repeatedly spoken of being banned by big production centers. Who are these people conspiring against him? 2) Why does the media spread false reports that he is a rapist? 3) Why was Mahesh Bhatt doing a psychoanalysis of Sushant?

Many Sushant films were banned

In the third tweet, Kangana wrote, ‘He has spoken openly about the break up of his relationship with Yashraj Films. It is known that several large production houses banned him. Several of his films were dropped, which seems to be a clear plot. He begged people on social media and informed that he was being expelled from the film world.

They thought it was easier to die than to survive

In a fourth tweet, Kangana wrote, ‘Before his death, his family complained that his life was in danger. They wanted to live. But, wanted to leave the movie. They wanted to settle permanently in Coorg. So who blackmailed them? Who cornered them in such a way that it seemed easier for them to die than to survive? Moral and legal suicide is also murder. “

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