Sonakshi Sinha’s statement has now been published in the news of fraud, saying that big steps will be taken

Recently, it was reported that Sonakshi Sinha has been charged with fraud in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Sonakshi was accused of taking money for the event and she did not arrive on time. But now a statement has come from Sonakshi in this regard.

Sonakshi can take legal action

Following a case of cheating with Sonakshi Sinha, her management now said on Sunday that the organizers were using the media to present false and fraudulent information and if she did not stop doing so, Sonakshi and her party would be forced to take legal action. On Sunday, Sonakshi’s management issued an official statement saying, “Sonakshi was approached by a Delhi organizer to attend the event, but despite repeated reminders, the organizers failed to pay. Sonakshi was contracted before the incident.”

That was the whole point

Let me tell you, the India Fashion and Beauty Awards program was held on September 30 last year. Talent Full On Company was signed for this program. Sonakshi spoke to her personal secretary and Rs 32 lakh was deposited in her account. But at the last minute he refused to act in the show, which caused the organizers to face heavy losses. The organizer of the event said all this in his statement.


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