Sona Mohapatra gave an answer to the trolls, saying- My body, my cleavage …

New Delhi Popular musician Sona Mohapatra never hesitated to speak. The 44-year-old talented singer mentioned an incident of sexual harassment in her college days on Twitter, which some users started trolling them

The college was sexually abused
Sona (Sona Mohapatra) wrote in her tweet, ‘When I was doing BTech engineering, I was going to the microprocessor lab wearing a loose kala green kurta and salwar. Then the seniors present there were loudly guessing my bra size while playing the seats. Then a ‘well wisher’ came up to me and asked me why I didn’t drop in a silly way, which completely covered my breasts. ‘

Ask people to share their experiences
Sona is trying to convey from her tweets that she heard sexual comments even after dressing properly. In another tweet, Sona also asked people to share such experiences with her. In his tweet, he has tagged many including actress Sonam Kapoor.

He tweeted, ‘Tell me what you were wearing when you faced a situation like sexual abuse, intimidation. Draw attention to the victim’s fault. Many people were able to associate themselves with this experience of the singer and also shared their experiences and thoughts.

The trolls got a tough answer
Some users have started trolling Sona (Gold Mohapatra) in his tweets. He said he wrote these because he was hungry for gold promotion. One user wrote, ‘It has started crying, eager to get comfort and attention. If you’re so worried about why you get a hot photoshoot by showing off the whole clavage. You could have been a better singer if you had focused on singing without all these dramas. Isolation is clearly visible in all your photos. This is one of the worst comments on the Golden Twitter timeline.

Habitually Sona thought of talking instead of keeping quiet. He gave a suitable answer to the troll. He wrote, ‘This is my body, my cleavage. Mr. Jay, whatever. I do it because I like to do it.

Sona Mohapatra is quite innocent. He made sensational allegations against music director Anu Malik and singer Kailash Kher during the Mitu movement. However, due to this allegation, Sonar Mohapatra had to troll a lot.

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