Sometimes Manoj Vajpayee became a beggar and sometimes a turban, the video caused panic on the internet

New Delhi Veteran Bollywood actor Manoj Vajpayee has recently released the trailer of his upcoming film Suraj Pe Mangal Admission, which is getting a strong response from the fans. In the video, Manoj is seen in many roles at once, which is very much liked by his fans. In this 1 minute 1 second video, Manoj is seen repeatedly applying makeup to change his getup.

How did Manoj Vajpayee take 4 hours?
In fact, through this video clip behind the scenes (behind the picture) the filmmakers have tried to show how Manoj took 4 hours to prepare for the different characters in the story and how. With her makeover, she appeared in the trailer sometimes as a beggar or sometimes as a dabwala, sometimes as a Maharashtrian woman, sometimes as a turban chief.

In addition to these, there are all kinds of characters. A special look of Manoj during the shooting was seen in a video where the actor played the role of a fat man and he did artificial makeup. The makeup team took about 4 hours to give Manoj this look. You have played 10 characters in this movie as you can see in the movie poster.

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The joke will be met with suspense
Apart from Manoj Vajpayee, the film also stars Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosandh and wrestling actress Fatima Sana Sheikh (Fatima Sana Sheikh). Watching the trailer of Suraj Pe Mangal Bhai, it seems that suspense has been added to the film which makes the listeners laugh. The story of the photo is based on a marriage intelligence agency that investigates the groom’s background.

Diljit Dosandha has played the role of Suraj and Manoj Vajpayee has played the role of Mangal. Directed by Suraj Pe Mangal Bhai, the film is directed by Abhishek Sharma and presented by G Studios. The film’s director Abhishek Sharma said, “The film will remind you of its Chatterjee films considering the simplicity of the previous days. It’s a neat family comedy film.”


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