Sometimes he was accused of taking Rs 5 crore instead of going to JNU, sometimes Kangana Ranaut said that he was in a desperate business.

A month ago

Since the angle of medicine in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was revealed, new revelations are happening every day. The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) will interrogate Deepika this week after the drug scandal between Deepika Padukone and her manager Karisma Prakash came to light.

Deepika is being trolled after this release. Deepika is not in this first discussion. There have been many incidents before that have brought them into controversy.

There was controversy over the JNU tour

Earlier this year, Deepika went to JNU to promote her photo printer. At this time, leftist student protests were going on here. Here he was also supported by JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar, who mourned the death of Afzal Guru, accused of attacking Parliament in February 2016 on the JNU campus. This is why Deepika’s JNU tour was controversial.

Deepika during a trip to JNU.

NK Sood, a former official, alleged that Deepika had taken part in the JNU protest at the behest of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. For this he got five crore rupees.

According to reports, Sod uploaded the video to his YouTube channel earlier this year. In the video, Sood said that Deepika Padukone had contacts with Pakistani national Anil Musararat. Anil, 51, lives in Manchester and runs a real estate business.

Anurag supported Kashyap

As a result of Deepika’s trip to JNU, her printed picture suffered. # Boycottchampak was trending on social media after which filmmaker Anurag Kashyap appeared in support of him.

Anurag's tweet in support of Deepika.

Anurag’s tweet in support of Deepika.

Anurag tagged Deepika on Twitter and wrote, “The female species is strong, was and will be. ‘Chhapak’ performs all the ceremonies on the first day. All those who stand against violence go to the Book My Show and introduce our silence, which will be a bang.”

Kangana raised questions about the theory of depression

Deepika has shared the story of fighting depression in many interviews. He said that in 2006 he started showing signs of depression. Deepika spoke in mid-February. After a long time I fainted. When I woke up the next day, I had emptiness inside and just started crying.

Deepika also cried in public several times to express her frustration.

Deepika also cried in public several times to express her frustration.

This could be the best episode of my life. I have acted in four of his memorable films. My family was very supportive and I was dating a man who later became my husband. I had no reason to feel that way, yet I was doing it. I felt tired and frustrated the whole time. Waking up every day was like a huge fight. I wanted to sleep the whole time. When I fell asleep, I didn’t have to face reality.

Deepika founded the Live Love Laugh Foundation in 2015 after fighting frustration among herself. Mental health awareness activities are conducted in this foundation. Also, people who struggle with depression are helped. However, Deepika’s theory of depression and her foundation do not embrace Kangana Ranaut.

In an interview, Kangana was attracted to Deepika and described her as a frustrated business. Kangana then said, “Deepika Padukone suddenly said in 2015-1. I was cheated in 2008, I am frustrated today.” 8 years later? His subjects are also in the middle, he is doing well too. He also went out and prostrated. Everything happens. Even getting married. But the frustration stays with him.

Kangana’s question – what is the frustration?

Kangana raises the question, “What kind of frustration happens after 7 years because I know that people suffering from mental illness, a large part of their lives become executive. According to professionals, there are doubts whether he will be able to do his job with full potential. And look at the frustration of the breakup 8 years ago and he’s sitting in his business building. “

After writing her name in the drug case, Kangana did not back down from Deepika. He wrote on Twitter, ‘Repeat after me, frustration is the result of drug abuse. The so-called high society rich star kids, who claim to be enthusiastic and well nurtured, ask their managers, “What’s the matter?”

Kangana's tweet on Deepika.

Kangana’s tweet on Deepika.


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