Sometimes 633 year old Anil Kapoor showed off his huge body, shirtless avatar on the beach and the celebrities were amazed

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The shirtless avatar of 633-year-old Anil Kapoor is going viral through social media. Anil clicked on Instagram on the beach and in the pool. Photos Anil’s toned body can be seen in these pictures.

Anil also shared his fitness journey with these pictures. He writes, “These fathers don’t give wisdom, they just drop their tops and walk in the middle.”

Anil further wrote, “Everyone has a weakness. My weakness is food. The Punjabi boy inside me always likes different kinds of food. My eyes start to get bigger when I see my growing belly during lockdown.

At this point, both Harsh (son) and my trainer Mark followed me and started to fix my diet as well. I tried and fought to fix fitness. I lost a lot of time but the whole family stood behind me. Fitness is never about a single man or woman, it requires a lot of support and encouragement. Sometimes Punjabi Munda would wake up inside me but when this kind of picture comes out and looks very good. ‘

Celebrities admired

Seeing this shirtless avatar of Anil, many celebrities could not stop themselves from praising him. Abhishek Bachchan and Anil’s son-in-law Anand Ahuja shared a fire emoji in the comment box of the post. Atul Kasbekar writes, “You should never look at the full inspiration of your age AKG.”

Hrithik Roshan writes, I agree with you. Anil’s daughters Sonam and Riya expressed their feelings by creating emojis. Shilpa Sethi writes – Wow, you are the inspiration. It Tesh Deshmukh wrote, WTF!

Anil did not accept any supplement

Earlier, Anil wrote while sharing photos of his fit body, the purpose of this post is not to show or appreciate yourself but to give you all a general advice. Better results are obtained at different stages of age. If you think that you have to spend a lot of supplements to make such a body, my answer is no, I did not accept any supplement in the process. My trainer Mark and I have been thinking about working on my body for about 6 years.

Every time there was an obstacle, sometimes a movie, sometimes a brand endorsement or giving time to the family, this thing was missed. Every year we would say we would make sure this year. In such a situation you would say that in these difficult situations do what you want year after year to be positive. Strengthen your body, increase immunity, bring flexibility, respect your body.


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