Sister Shweta deletes social media account to get justice for her brother, friend Smita asked to sign a petition to change Wikipedia status

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  • Sushant’s sister Shweta Insta deleted her Twitter account even though friend Samita Parikh asked fans to sign a petition to change the Wikipedia status to murder

Today 4 months have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and every day a new twist is coming in this case. Meanwhile, his sister Shweta Singh Kirti, who runs a global movement to bring justice to Sushant, has abruptly deleted her social media account. It was through these accounts that he launched a worldwide campaign to bring justice to Sushant.

At the same time his friend Smita Parikh has appealed to fans to sign an online petition to kill Wikipedia status instead of committing suicide.

Sushant’s sister Shweta lives in the United States
Sushant’s sister Shweta lives in the United States and from there Sushant keeps an eye on every update of the case. Since June 14, he has been informing Sushant’s fans through his social media account and demanding justice for her. Sushant’s fans have also started several movements. Most of them are based on 50 dreams written in Sushant’s diary.

Why the industry that harmed Sushant is silent now – Smita
Smita Parikh, considered a good friend of Sushant, posted a post on Twitter. In it, he requested Wikipedia to update the summary of Sushant Singh’s case. So that Wikipedia writes about murder instead of suicide. Smita tweeted – We all want the accused to go behind bars. Who are still roaming the open. These people had been planning for months and her (Sushant) loved ones stabbed her in the back. He could not save. The world needed him, we needed him. The industry that hit him is silent now .. why?


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