Singer Sam Smith is ready to go on a date with any ‘gender’

New Delhi: Singer Sam Smith has made a big announcement. He said he would not go on a date according to the rules that now govern special gender care. According to media reports, Sam Smith has made it clear that his love is for everyone now.

Sam is ready to leave the beaten path
Sam spoke openly in love in an interview and said ‘I’m never a person who follows the rules, I love people who love me, people I love. I don’t know who he will be, what gender he will be ‘.

Sam said ‘love is love’
Sam said very clearly about dating with love that he wants to be in love with everyone instead of one sex and is ready to go on a date with anyone.

Why is it hard for Sam to go on a date?
Being a celebrity, Smith thinks it has been difficult for him to this day. He said he had some bad memories about the date.

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