Similar content and similarity of subject matter may not be a cheap copy of Bollywood OTT

Mumbai Making several films on the same subject is a chronic illness of Bollywood. The rush to catch a fresh issue, to revive life in forgotten stories, and to catch contemporary themes intelligently from a market perspective has become a new trend here today. It could also be a reason why filmmakers and producers who dare to do something new and risky outside of traditional thematic formulas can now be counted on their fingers.

Not that these things just came to my mind or something happened on social media, sitting on a hashtag related to Boycott Bollywood (Bollywood). In fact, the issue is not less about Bollywood but more about OTT, a young member joining the entertainment fraternity, which has already strengthened its hold on a large segment of Indian audiences in Coronas.

Over the past few years, the success of Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Broth, Shortcuts, Inside Edge, Gule, Made in Heaven, Little Things began to show that a new platform is being created in parallel with Bollywood with a new definition of content and film making. Yes and then when the theaters were closed in lockdown, the role of the OTT stage was widely seen and felt.

But now it seems that OTTO is not on the way to Bollywood. This is also because in the beginning, most of the people who made web series, movies, documentaries, etc. in the various forums of OTT were new people or those who have been fighting in this industry for a long time for better opportunities. Then slowly all these people started pulling, who have always felt that ‘the public wants to see it’ in the case of film.

Many times even good content is not seen
No machine says what the public wants to see, or no one can say with certainty that people want to see this and that. And in this age of social media it is becoming more difficult. Because a lot of times people don’t even see very good content. We will, Come to the real thing. Nowadays the Harshad Mehta scandal is very resonant again, because nowadays the web series ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ was published in Soniliv, which is getting a lot of praise. There is no doubt that the series has strength. On the other hand, Abhishek Bachchan’s film ‘The Big Bull’ will be released on Disney + Hotstar. But Dalal Street’s Big Bull, published in February this year, was a web show based on the same theme.

Same topic behind, three content on the same platform? What is the absolute ideal or mystery in this regard? Is this the beginning of a big screen-like OTT? In 2015, Randeep Hooda played the lead role of Charles in Charles Sobhraj’s movie Main Or Charles. Two web series are now being made with Charles Sovraj. The BBC and Netflix are making an eight-episode web series titled ‘The Snake’, while Farooq Dhodhi is writing a series called ‘Snake’ for the G5 on the same subject. Two series are being made, so why not pictures. After all, there must be a reason why the web series ‘The Verdict – State Versus Nanavati’ (2019) after ‘Rustam’ (2016) was found in Altbalaji and G5. But the web series has proven to be better than the movie. So what is the only reason to repeat these things? If yes, then a web series should be made with Dhoni, Mary Kom or Milkha Singh (for example). Because from the eyes of a reviewer, despite all the praise, there can be more or less water in these films.

This is understood from a statement by actor Randeep Hooda, which he made after the release of ‘Kesari’ last year, but before that let’s go into a little flashback. In the summer of 2002, three films based on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Ajay Dewan’s The Legend, Bhakta Singh, Bobby Deol’s ‘March 23, 1931: Shaheed’ and Sonu Sud’s ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’ were simultaneously pushed for release, but Ajay was in the ticket window. Devgan’s film was a success.

Almost fourteen years later almost the same duality was seen again. In 2016, it was announced that a film about the battle of Saragarh, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, would star Randeep Huda in the lead role. Then Ajay Devgn also announced a film on the same subject and it was rumored that it would be a sequel to ‘Son’s Sardar’. Knowing that two films are being made on this subject, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Kesari’ was also announced the following year. Although Ajay Devgn’s preparations never went beyond paperwork, Randeep spent the entire three years at Getup.

Where ‘Kesari’ was released quickly, after that Randeep’s picture became a hit. You may be surprised to know that before ‘Kesari’, in 2018, a tele series called ’21 Sarfarosh-Saragarhi 1897 ‘appeared on Jit Channel, featuring Mohit Raina. Was stunned by the same thing. Randeep jokingly said about this- ‘It is good that all this is happening. Because there were 21 Sikh warriors in that war and each claimed a movie. In fact, 21 films should be made in all of them.

In fact, due to the lockdown, the silver0mm silver screen has shrunk to a 5-6 inch mobile screen, and tabs, laptops, computers have started premiering movies ranging from Abhinav Bachchan to Ayushman Khurana. Wait for the release of authentic OTT brand movies and web series or mainstream Bollywood. Meanwhile, apart from the typical smell of Bollywood, the audience got a lot of opportunities to watch a variety of entertainment content. And seven months later, when it hit theaters to reopen, it became clear that OTT was a parallel hero, not a party.

Mirzapur was hit

But Mirzapur was hit by a series of floods like Raktachanchal, Vokal, Rangbaj, Jamtara and Abduction. Many series in the form of Hades, Abhay, etc. come to the market when Sacred Games and Asura find discussion and success. Similarly, the series depicting the effectiveness of the police and the criminal world is also full, which seems more or less the same. Once upon a time there were two magazines for crime stories like Manohar Story and Satyakatha. Both had their own strengths in the market and there was competition between them. Then a few more such magazines started coming. There was such competition and chaos that after a while the new old magazine was disposed of.

There are many more shows being done after special ops, blockages and family guys, but there is a lack of novelty in the horror section after series like Gole, Ghost Story, Bulbul and Typewriter. Don’t you as a viewer wonder why these shows aren’t so much like My Family, Masaba Masaba, Millions One, Gullak or Little Things?

OTT is an emerging platform, which provides very good entertainment content in a variety of ways and it is expected that the diversity and freshness of this platform will last for a long time than movies. Due to the interest of the viewers, OTT should avoid some market manipulation and counterfeiting in various forums, otherwise it may not happen that in a few years this platform will not become a cheap copy of Bollywood. (Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of the author))

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