Shruti’s deteriorating health: Shruti Seth’s surgery in politics, Ranbir’s co-star, shared the post

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9 minutes ago

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Actress Shruti Seth, who worked with Ranbir Kapoor in films like TV show Pranak and Politics, is in hospital. She has had emergency surgery. Suddenly due to this health problem Shruti has appealed not to take human health lightly. He posted a picture of himself on social media and also wrote a long note. Shruti is seen in the hospital in the picture.

However, Shruti’s post could not reveal what health problems she had and in which hospital she was.

Shruti wrote in her post to stay healthy
Shruti writes with pictures- “Stay in the moment until the end 2020 gives me and my family a final push. I had emergency surgery. All my Christmas and New Year travel plans have been postponed. I was grateful that a major crisis was avoided. I guess I didn’t really learn anything from them. I was doing that. But now I am sharing with you what I have learned.
– Never take your health lightly.
– Hospitals can make you realize that ego, personality and life experience are something that we are just a biology.
– Food brain medicine. The body can survive a glucose drip
– I like food and I miss it a lot.
– Most basic body functions are incredible engineering. So be grateful to get up every morning and sleep at night
– Get blessings and always keep those who love you and really care for you.

I’m glad everything happened on time and by 2020 it was stored for me. In fact, some of my spots remind me of the year I was cut. I hope they always remind me to say thank you. I wish you all a lot of love and positivity for the new year.

Hopefully it treats us with love. Happy New Year to all. Although I do not know many of you personally, I am grateful for your love and blessings. “


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