Shocking: Neha Kakkar made a big mistake in socializing her relationship with Himanshu, read

Bollywood’s beautiful singer Neha Kakkar nowadays with her songs. Remains in discussion. The song from the newly released actress film Simbar has come to life for each group. At the same time, there was news of the separation of Neha and her boyfriend Himanshu Kohli. Which is true of the actress. In fact, Neha and Himanshu’s breakup happened a few days ago. It was published from Neha’s social account where she removed all the pictures of Himanshu from the social account.

After the breakup from Himasha, Neha shared her emotions and said that she was in despair. After which people started trolling Himanshu too. Seeing all this, Neha defended Himanshu and wrote in a tweet that “I have read some articles online which are fake and annoying. Yes, I say I am sorry but I have never said that I have been wronged or deceived. To be honest she is The best. So please stop blaming and accusing him. We can’t ruin anyone’s reputation without knowing the truth. “

[ यह भी  पढ़ें: निक जोनस ने पत्नी प्रियंका चोपड़ा को दी तोहफे में आलीशान मर्सिडीज गाड़ी, देखें तस्वीर ]

Despite all this, Singer recently spoke openly about the issue during an exclusive interview. Speaking to Times Now, Neha said that sharing personal life on personal platforms is the biggest mistake of her life. He said I was very emotional and that what happened in my life last month was wrong. Not only that, Neha said that people can take a negative attitude towards you in times of grief. At the same time, he said about Himanshu that he (Himanshu) did not do anything that he had to endure. Hate and negative comments have spread against him on social media. At the same time, Neha also denied that she would ever bring herself into the public eye in her private life.


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