Shocking: Alia said this big budget picture of Rajamouli, I know why?

Recently, it was learned that SS Rajamouli is directing the big budget film ‘Triple R’ from the south. The news of Ajay Devgn’s contact was also published in this film. Apart from Ajay, Alia was also contacted for the film, but she refused to do so.

Alia did ‘RRR’ Refuse to

Alia Bhatt was recently offered SS Rajamouli’s big budget film ‘Triple R’, but she refused. In fact, Alia has done it for her upcoming projects. He is busy with many projects nowadays, due to which he could not sign this film.

Communication to the consequences

The latest news after Alia is that Parineeti Chopra has been contacted for this film. The makers are talking about the consequences, but no final decision has been made yet. That being said, Parineeti wanted huge sums for the film, which is why the matter is stuck.


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