Shocking: A case of fraud against Sonakshi Sinha, for this reason

Sonakshi Sinha is often discussed in her speeches. However, they are in the news again in a news story, but this time the news that is coming out is a bit shocking. Sonakshi fans are going to be very disappointed to know this news. In fact, a case of cheating has been filed against Sonakshi.

A case was filed against Sonakshi

Nowadays, Sonakshi Sinha is in the discussion again. According to the news published in Spotboy, a case of fraud has been filed against 5 people including Sonakshi Sinha in Muradabad, UP. Sonakshi has been accused of taking Rs 3.37 lakh in advance for an event in Delhi but was later unable to attend the event, causing huge losses to the organizers. And he has sued Abhishek Sinha, Malvika Punjabi, Dhumil Thakkar and Edgar Sakaria of Talent Full On Company including Sonakshi.

Promod gave information in this regard

Entertainment of Talent Full On Company said, ‘I have celebrated Sonakshi a lot for performing at the event. He further told them that if I did not do it I would suffer a lot but he refused to do it. He then asked me to change the time of the event, but I denied that the time could not be changed because it was already scheduled and tickets had been sold. However, Sonakshi has not yet commented on the matter.


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