Shine Ahuja has been bringing big news away from Bollywood for a long time, something is going to happen

Shine Ahuja has been away from the big screen for quite some time. He was last seen in the film ‘Welcome Back’ but he did not appear in any other film after this one. However, now a big news about them is coming out. Fans of Shiny Ahuja will be very happy to know this news.

A film will be made about Shini’s life

There are reports that Shine is going to make a picture about Ahuja’s life soon. According to the Deccan Chronicle, Kumar is planning to make a biopic of Magat Shiny. However, when asked about the producer, he refused to talk about it and said that he is not making any such film. According to the information released, the filmmakers have not yet received any permission from Shiny Ahuja about the film. Filmmakers want to bring their truth to the big screen, which people still don’t know about.

Welcome back Shiny was seen

We tell you, Shiny Ahuja was last seen in the Welcome Back movie. In this film he was the son of Nasiruddin Shah, he is as the Dawn of the Underworld. The film stars John Abraham and Shruti Hassan in the lead roles.


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