“She’s a cheater, not a good person,” wrote Neha Kakkar, who came out in support of her ex-boyfriend.

Musician Neha Kakkar, who has become a trending voice in Bollywood, is currently discussing her breakup. Neha recently had a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Himanshu Kohli. After that, various things were being written about Himanshu Kohli on social media. After which Neha has now come to the rescue of her ex-boyfriend. The singer has once again appeared on the subject through his Instagram story.


Neha writes about Himanshu and says, “I recently read articles that throw and bother. I want to say that I was hurt, but no one cheated on me. When it comes to loyalty, he is the most respectable person. So please stop making false accusations. Do it. ”Neha further wrote that it is not right to say anything about someone without knowing the facts.

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Let me tell you, Neha was in a relationship with Himanshu for a long time. Neha has been seen crying many times about her breakup on Indian Idol shows and on many private stage shows. Not only that, he also wrote a post on social media that he is in despair. But Neha is out now. And constantly entertaining fans with their songs.


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