Shekhar Sumon shared the photo and wrote- Despite worldwide fame, you are here alone in this decaying grave.

20 days ago

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Film actor and comedian Shekhar Sumon has targeted the film industry on the pretext of Irrfan Khan’s grave. Sharing a picture of the tomb, he wrote, “This is the tomb of the late actor Irfan Khan. Does it teach a lesson of life? Despite so much popularity and worldwide fame, you are alone here in this decaying tomb. Try writing? “

The son wrote – Dad loved the wild

Irfan’s son Babil recently shared this photo of the tomb on Instagram. He wrote Dad liked all this in a wild way. Mama recently wrote about the wilderness in the neighborhood, after which some fans became alarmed to see it chaotic.

I want to convey to you that they always want grass and trees around. They wanted to keep garbage and plastics away from this wilderness forever.

Mama wrote, ‘Women are not allowed to enter Muslim cemeteries. That is why I planted a night queen tree in Igatpuri. I also placed a stone in his memory, where I buried his favorite thing. I have a place where I can sit for hours without telling anyone.

I can’t sit next to them. They have souls. However, this does not mean that they have been left in the graveyard. As far as everyone’s question is concerned, these wild plants and grasses only grow in the rainy season. ‘

Irfan’s friend also shared the grave photo

Earlier, Irfan’s friend Chandan Roy Sanyal also shared a picture of his grave on social media. He wrote in the caption, “Irfan has been missing since yesterday. I haven’t been able to go to his grave for four months. I went today. He is alone there. There is no one but the tree. There is only peace.” Irfan died on April 29 this year after battling neuroendocrine cancer for almost two years.


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