Shani Sena was accused of comparing the country with Pakistan, Sonia Sena

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Angered by a recent statement by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Kangana Ranaut in a video mocked her and those who have raised their voices for women’s empowerment. She said that when Urdh Thackeray insulted her in her speech, not a single person talking about women’s empowerment stood by her. Not only that, Sonia has described Abhinav Udhab and his team as Sena. At the same time, the quote in his speech accused India of comparing it with Pakistan.

What did Kangana say in the video?

In a video shared on Twitter, Kangana says – Uddhav Thackeray insulted me in your speech yesterday (Sunday) saying salt is forbidden. Earlier, many in Sonia’s army had threatened to break my jaw or kill me in public. He said that Sonia’s army had insulted me a lot before in the harem. However, the women’s empowerment contractor did not say anything. “

‘You threw out the whole kingdom’

Kangana further says- In the same speech you have spoken so badly about Himachal, the birthplace of mother Parvati. As the Chief Minister, you have brought down the entire state. Because you are angry with a girl and that girl is your son’s age.

Why did Mumbai tell Pok?

In her video, Kangana explained the reason behind comparing Mumbai with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He said- Chief Minister, you were very angry with me, after threatening me I compared there (because there was the slogan of Azad Kashmir and your Sonia army defended it, so) with POK. Then those who defended the constitution came up.

But in the same speech yesterday, you compared India to Pakistan. Now they will not bring a constitution. Because he has no money in his mouth. I want to say that none of these patriots help. They say that if you speak of patriotism, do something for the country, then who is doing us a favor? But money has been put in your mouth for the country rebellion.

‘People of Maharashtra are not happy with you’

Kangana further said that yesterday an acting chief minister had publicly insulted a girl and those who defended the constitution would not say anything about it. Chief Minister, I want to say that power comes and goes. You are just a government employee. The people of Maharashtra are not happy with you. Power comes and goes, but once a person loses respect, he cannot regain it. Joy Hind.

What did Uddhav Thackeray say?

At the Dussehra rally on Sunday, Uddhav Thackeray said without naming Kangana that he came here for a job and disrespected Mumbai. People who do not get proper food in their state come here. In his speech, Thackeray claimed that horn was cultivated in Himachal.


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