Shammi Kapoor B’D: Geeta Bali laid down this condition for marriage in front of Shammi Kapoor, the demand was met with lipstick

Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali. Photo courtesy – াম্ম Shammi_Kapur_33 / Instagram

Shammi Kapoor’s 89th Birth Anniversary: ​​After Shammi Kapoor’s next flop film, successful actress Geeta Bali agreed to marry him and after the marriage he encouraged Shammi Sahab.

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Mumbai Shammi Kapoor is considered to be the ‘Elvis Presley’ of Indian cinema. Today, October 21, is his 89th birthday. Shammi Kapoor was born in Mumbai on October 21, 191. His father Prithviraj Kapoor named Shammi Kapoor ‘Shamsher Raj Kapoor’, but later he became Shammi Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor has dominated the Bollywood industry for over 5 decades and during this long period she has acted in around 200 films. But do you know how successful actress Geeta Bali (Geeta Bali) agreed to marry him after Shammi Kapoor’s frequent flop films and how he encouraged Shammi Sahab after marriage.

Kapoor’s name was not found
There was actually a time when Shammi Kapoor decided to say goodbye to Bollywood. After leaving college, Shammi started theater with his father Prithviraj as a junior actor. His hard work was appreciated by the people and in 1953 he got his first film ‘Jivan Jyoti’, but Shammi could not walk. He was established as an actor who imitated the acting of Raj Kapoor. However, he got the benefit of the Kapoor name and despite many film flops, the industry never rejected him.

A condition was laid down for the marriage of Gita BaliMeanwhile, Shammi married his co-star Geeta Bali in Miss Coca-Cola. Gita was a bigger artist than Shammi at the time, but she hoped that Shammi’s stars would one day shine. One day during the shooting, he suddenly decided to marry Shammi Kapoor. Gita Bali had placed a bet in front of Shammi that she would get married today. After that, the two went to a nearby temple and tied the knot in a full filmy style by applying lipstick as per the demand.

Fate did not change even after marriage

Even after the marriage, Shammi’s fortunes did not burn and he flopped with his on-screen wife Gita Bali. I was disappointed when the pictures of Hajir Shammi along with Gita in ‘Rangit Raten’ started flopping one after another. Shammi started thinking that acting is not his. In this frustration he told Gita one day that if his next film flops, he will take over as director of a tea garden in Assam after retiring from film.

This film has become a turning point
Gita Bali kept saying that Sharma has all the qualities to be a star. She constantly encouraged him. The film ‘Tomasa Na Dekh’ produced by Nasir Hussain. Dev Anand wrote the film Nasir Hussain, who made ‘Tumsa Na Dekh’ as the director, for which he placed a bet on Shammi Kapoor.

Shammi Kapoor broke up with the death of Gita Bali
Shammi Kapoor’s first wife was actress Geeta Bali, with whom he had two children, Kanchan and Mickey. However, Gita Bali died in 1960 due to smallpox. Shammi Kapoor was deeply shocked by the death of her love, after which she started living with Gumsum. His health was also badly affected, he became very obese and his career was also affected. However, Shammi Kapoor later tied the knot with Rani Neela Devi of Bhawanagar on the instructions of her family members.

When Mr. Shammi himself said, ‘I don’t want to look back from here’
Shammi then said in an interview that the young audience liked my work and I started seeing them as heroes. That film was very important to me and probably to all of us. I knew I would never have to look back. After this film, Shammi Kapoor’s films started an amazing business and became the base of the audience. Besides movies like Beast, Jungle, Professor, Dil Dek Dekho, he is still a hit hero of Bollywood superhit movies.


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