Shakib Salim said about the ‘crackdown’ – there was some hesitation before the shooting in Coronsal, Huma didn’t have time to watch it yet.

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  • Shakib Salim ‘Crackdown’ says that there was some frustration before the shooting in Corona’s period, Huma has not had time to watch yet.

Ankita Tiwari, Mumbai12 days ago

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Shakib Selim has been seen playing the role of a raw agent in the recently released spy thriller web series ‘Crackdown’. They are getting a lot of praise. In an exclusive interview with Daily Vaskar, he shared interesting stories related to action, ranging from shooting in Coronary.

Describing his character in the web series, he said, ‘This is a spy thriller web series and in it we are all seen operating the world. I am playing the role of a secret agent. I’m getting plenty of complements to this character. My sister Huma is also very excited about my role. However, due to him shooting Bell Bottom, he has yet to watch the series.

Q. Do you appear in many action sequences? How did you prepare for your role?

‘For this role I had to do a lot of work on my body because I was playing the role of a secret agent, a raw agent. Anyone who has to stay on the field also has to run, jump and fight. There were lots of action sequences, so I worked on my body for about 5 months.

‘Although I was always fit, in this character I had to look bigger than my body. When I created this type of body I felt that my body was very tight and I had to be a bit flexible to do the action sequence for which I used kicking boxing. In addition to these, I also did a workshop for 1 month about this role.

Q- Your sister Huma Qureshi recently went abroad to shoot Bell Bottom. How concerned were your parents about their safety and what was said there?

‘Actually Huma and I both shot during this corona period. Together we decided that we would shoot on our own but with the utmost caution and with the utmost caution. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Q- In the last 2 years, many web series based on thrillers have been published like Family Man, Special Ops. Have you ever wondered if these shows can be compared to your web series?

‘Look the story of all these web series is different. They are depicted separately. It never entered my mind that my web series would be compared to the rest of the famous web series in this genre. I just believe that this kind of web series inspires us to do better. There should always be healthy competition. ‘

Q. What challenges did you face during the shooting?

‘I remember we were shooting the climax of this web series at an airport in Nanded. It was very cold at the time and my scene was shirless. Then my condition got worse due to winter and I was shivering, but if you watch the series, you won’t even know it.

Q: For your upcoming project, you trained with former captain Mahendra Amarnath, did you learn anything from them?

‘I learned singing and playing techniques with them, but also learned the biggest thing about how to always stay positive in life. How to keep yourself calm and restrained. I learned a lot from spending time with them. I just watched them and how I would be able to act like them. ‘

Q- Do you find the trick more difficult or action? Who needs more preparation?

‘Both types have their own challenges. Time is important for comedy, action requires the right body. I think acting is more difficult because actors like Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Bidyut Jamwal have set very high benchmarks in Bollywood in terms of action. Which is why we all work so hard to take action like them.


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