Shahid Kapoor will start shooting for ‘Jersey’ in Dehradun from September 30. He arrived there a few days ago.

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A month ago

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Shahid Kapoor is also set to return to the set soon after Akshay, Kareena, Aamir and a few other celebrities started shooting. The shooting of his ‘Jersey’ photo is scheduled to be held in Dehradun from September 30. For this, they reached 21 there only 21. Which has been confirmed by his relatives. Shahid has been in Punjab with his family since the lock-up and has reached Dehradun directly from there.

Shahid will return with a changed look

There will be a 10-day shooting in Dehradun from September 30. After that the team will go to Mumbai. After a short break, he will return to Dehradun. Shahid Kapoor will change his look during that break. The house of cricketer Shahid is shown here. The hospital has a sequence of injuries. Then you also have to shoot scenes from college days. A few street shots will also be shown.

Delhi’s sanitizing team will be on set

Sources say that due to Corona, a lot of caution is being exercised in the sets. The sanitizing team has been called from Delhi. Changes to the mask will happen every day. Each artist, director, crew member will have a week-long ICMR test. In addition to going out of the hotel or set, there will be a special test for those coming from Mumbai.

Separate gym and accommodation for martyrs

Separate gym and accommodation has been arranged for Shahid Kapoor. The entire equipment of the gym has been sauced from Mumbai. A large property has been rented for them some distance from the hotel. Shahid’s trainers, staff, dressmen, spots, managers all came from Mumbai, a team of 21 people. A total of 221 people from Dehradun and Mumbai will come to this set.

Mrinal and the rest of the team will reach 26

Arranging the shooting, Mayank Tiwari said, “From September 2, the film’s lead actress Mrinal Tagore and the rest of the cast will join the martyrs in Dehradun.” Shahid came to Dehradun so early that he could adapt himself to the environment. He has been in Punjab with his family since March. However, they did not bring the family here.

Hasin Dilruba was shot

Before the lockdown, ‘Hasin Dilruba’ of Color Yellow Production was shot there. In Uttarakhand, two more films of Kabir Singh and ‘Batti Gul, Meter Chalu’ have been shot earlier. Now everyone on the set is being fed drugs to boost the immune system.


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