Shahid Kapoor, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK to sign a series in digital direction from the thriller web series

All theaters are closed due to the global epidemic, so everyone’s eyes have been seen to be leaning towards the web platform. In such a situation, many big actors are also planning to do web series. New names have been added among these people, Shahid Kapoor is launching the web soon with a thriller film through the Sheedit top OTT platform.

According to a recent Pinkbiller report, Shahid Kapoor has signed on for a big digital series. It will be directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. The director duo gained a lot of popularity from the Street Film and The Family Man series. Following the great success of The Family Man, the two were offered to create a series for many OTT platforms, after which both signed a contract with the famous OTT platform.

It is going to be a thriller series that will give a new twist to Raj and DK. Both of them finalized the name of Shahid Kapoor. When this story was told to the actor, he agreed to it without delay. The series will be Netflix’s main series for which the actor has signed a কোটি 1 billion contract.

The shooting of the series will start after the jersey photo

Shahid Kapoor is all set to appear in a jersey movie soon, the shooting of which is not over yet. The film was shot in Shutiganda before the lockdown, which abruptly stopped. After finishing this film, Shahid will start shooting for his web debut. In addition to these projects, discussions were also underway on a remake between Shahid and Guneet Mongar, although no update has been released yet.


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