Shah Rukh Khan’s Pakistani actress has given a shocking reaction to the Indo-Pakistani war, read on

On Tuesday morning, India avenged the terrorist attack in Pulwama. The Indian Air Force has carried out 12 airstrikes in Balakot, Pakistan. Where the army entered Pakistani soil for 21 minutes and detonated bombs with lots of 1000kg of bombs. After which a tense situation has arisen between India and Pakistan. In such a situation, Bollywood stars have congratulated the army for the attack. Pakistani actors have also reacted to the attack on social media.

Actress Mahira Khan, who was seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Rais, tweeted, “Nothing will be worse than the war we have to go to.” Because war is the biggest foolishness. Be aware, Pakistan is alive. ”

Apart from Mahir Khan, actress Maura Hoken, who was seen in ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’, said, “There is no winner in war, it is time to understand humanity.” Where the media should take responsibility for giving the matter the right way. It is our responsibility to maintain peace. Always pray for peace. ”

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Let me tell you, after the recent Pulwama attack, the Federation of Western Ian Cinema Employees (FWICIS), an organization of the film industry, has now completely refused to work with Pakistani artists. After which Bollywood in his support.


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