Shah Rukh Khan’s appeal did not affect people, submitted outside ‘Mannat’

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan, who has ruled with millions of hearts, is celebrating his 55th birthday today. On this occasion, in the wake of the corona infection, he urged his fans not to gather at his home outside the vows during this difficult time.

These pictures are from Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow outside Mannat, where some of his fans are even staying outside Mannat in the Corona era. These people only want to show their favorite actor once. The crowds this year are much smaller than every time, but then there are some people on whom Shah Rukh’s appeal has made no difference.

King Khan of Bollywood has turned 55 today. Every year on November 2, thousands of fans gather outside their home mansion. They stand when they do not see their hero. Shah Rukh used to come to the verandah of his house to spend time with fans, but this year there has been silence on the streets outside Manhattan due to the Cornona epidemic. If Ekka Dukka fans can come, the police are treating them and sending them back.

At the same time, some fans are also coming, who do not want to return without getting a glimpse of Shah Rukh.

Please tell, this time Shah Rukh has already requested the fans not to gather outside the house. He tweeted, ‘I urge people not to rush out of the vows this time. Whether it’s my birthday or somewhere else … this time love is a little far from my friend. Yet people were arriving to get a glimpse of Shah Rukh, whom the police thought was sending them back.

At the moment, Shah Rukh Khan has been in Dubai for a long time, where he is seen cheering his team KKR on at the stadium.

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