Shah Rukh Khan tore his jeans 27 years ago in Sunny’s rage

Sunny believed that Shah Rukh was portrayed as a villain in the film, but in reality he was the protagonist of the film, where he was described as the protagonist before the film was shot, then Sunny agreed not only that, Sunny was so angry during the shooting Torn. When Sunny Deol was asked not to talk to Shah Rukh Khan on a TV show last year, he told the whole story on the show. “I was in the role of a commando in the film and Shah Rukh Khan had to stab me in the scene,” he said, recalling the days of shooting the film. If I was so fit, how could anyone stab me? I was very angry about this, but I couldn’t say anything when I was too big so I got angry and put my hand in my jeans pocket and got so angry that I tore my jeans pocket but I didn’t know.


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