Shah Rukh has shared an interesting video on social media, meeting a mysterious woman

Shah Rukh Khan has not been seen in any film these days but he is definitely busy traveling. King Khan recently shared an interesting discovery experience via video after meeting a mysterious woman in his favorite city of Dubai.

Shah Rukh shared the video

Shah Rukh Khan has shared a video on his Instagram account so that he can walk around Souk Medina. At this point he meets a mysterious woman who gives him a closed box. After searching the box, they set out to find the city’s hidden gems. Shah Rukh Khan says in the video, ‘I was enjoying my day in Souk Medina. A woman came to me and said Hadia Min Dubai, Iktashifa. As he titled the video, the holidays in Dubai are full of adventure. Join as soon as I get back to my favorite town, but this time on an exciting quest. ‘

Insurance is the easiest A part of the video promotion

For your information, let us know that this video is a part of Dubai Tourism ‘Bima Bima’ campaign, which aims to inform people about the many interesting reasons to travel to Dubai with their friends and family.


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