Shadi Mubarak: The show’s lead actress changed overnight? Why Rajshree Tagore said he left the show!

Rajshree Tagore (Photo credit – @ Rajshree ThakurFence / Instagram)

Shash Mubarak’s lead actress Rajshree Tagore has reportedly left the show. It is said that the actress made this decision overnight.

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  • Latest version:October 15, 2020, 1:43 pm IST

Mumbai There is a lot of talk these days about TV shows. Meanwhile, a Star Plus show ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ has been making headlines recently. Released in August this year, the show is slowly taking place in the hearts of viewers. The show stars actress Rajshree Tagore and Manab Gohil in the lead roles. At the same time, amazing news is coming about this show. That being said, this is a big change in the show. According to media reports, the lead actress of the show has been changed overnight.

Happy marriage In this, such a big change has come in just 2 months. A spotboy Report If we believe that the lead actress of the show Rajshree Tagore has decided to leave it within this period. It is also said that arrangements have been made to replace Rajshree overnight in this show. According to this report, actress Rati Pandey is going to replace Rajshree Tagore in the show. In this report, he talks to Rajshree Tagore about this. In which Rajshree explained why he is leaving the show so early.

It has been reported that there was an argument between Rajshree and the producers, while Rajshree is saying something different. He said, ‘It has nothing to do with the show. I’m happy with it. Some things weren’t right for me because it was too much work. My health was damaged. If you live somewhere, it is very important to pay 100 percent there which was not possible for me. He respects my decision and it is a friendly decision between me and the production house. ” Apart from the news of Rati Pandey taking part in Rajshree Tagore’s show, he said, ‘I haven’t joined the show yet but the thing is going on right now things are just before the conversation, so I can’t tell you too much’.


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