Shabana Azmi said- Kangana Ranaut has won in her imagination, she has given a sensational speech to stay in the headlines.

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  • Shabana Azmi says Kangana Ranaut has started believing in her own myth and fears the day when she will no longer be in the headlines.

15 days ago

Shabana Azmi says that Kangana Ranaut only wants a place in the title. Although they should only focus on acting, because they are the best at it. At the same time, Shabana says that the purpose of all the allegations in Bollywood is to divert attention from the real issues

Shabana Azmi said this in a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror. He reacted to Kangna’s statement where the actress compared him to a sewer and mentioned the nepotism gang, Bollywood mafia, drugs racket present in the industry.

Kangana is living in her own imagination

Shabana said, ‘Kangana lives in her imagination. She says she taught feminism in the film world, she taught nationalism. I’m glad they did it because no one else paid attention. I think he’s scared the day he won’t be in the headlines. So in order to be in the news, they have to make constantly moving statements. Poor girl, she’s just the best at what she does, why not act? “

Like a duck sitting in the film industry

Shabana said, ‘My initial identity is due to being associated with the Hindi film world and I am very proud of it. Unfortunately like the sitting ducks of the Hindi film industry, anyone can attack. Similarly, it is very easy to accuse the industry of having low motives and these are part of a systematic campaign to draw attention to real issues such as the collapse of the economy, tensions on the Chinese border, the rise of the Kovid issue and the resentment of farmers.

Earlier, after the Pulwama attack in February 2016, Kangana accused Shabana Azmi of being anti-national, as well as her husband Javed Akhtar. Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli Chandel also claimed that Javed Akhtar called Kangana at home and threatened her to apologize to Hrithik Roshan.


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