Serious allegations against the Jonas Brothers were embroiled in controversy, making fun of the black woman

New Delhi: Global actress Priyanka Chopra Husband Nick Jonas And his brothers Joe and Kevin are both in the news these days. The Jonas Brothers are trending regularly on social media. In fact, one Black woman The three brothers accused Jonas of making fun of the woman during the Thanksgiving parade.

The Jonas brothers face serious charges
Jonas Brothers The woman is accusing his name Taylor Garon Saying coming from Brooklyn City, New York, Taylor is a writer and comedian by profession. He wrote on Twitter, ‘Happy Thanksgiving everyone, once I was at the Thanksgiving Parade with the Jonas brothers and all three of them were making fun of me there.’ Also, Taylor made another tweet with which she also shared a picture.

The black woman was made fun of
Taylor Garon In his second tweet, he wrote, ‘This picture is not clear because it was raining there at the time. Here is Jonas. Everything was fine except for these three brothers. This tweet from Taylor Garron has caused panic. People are responding to them through social media. Taylor also identified himself in the film.

The Jonas Brothers have not yet commented
Let me tell you so far Jonas Brothers Nor did none of Priyanka Chopra react to Taylor’s allegations. Three Jonas brothers popstar by profession. His song ‘Sakar’ released a few months ago is being heard all over the world. The youngest, Nick Jonas, is married to actress Priyanka Chopra, who is known in 2018 as Desi Girl in Hindi films.

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