Satish Mansinde says Supreme Court verdict in NDPS Act is not proof of confession – there is no other way for Riya

24 minutes ago

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The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a major statement that made headlines. The Supreme Court ruled in a drug case and said that under the NDPS Act, a statement made by an accused to a police officer or investigating agency could not be considered as evidence. Also, it cannot be made the basis for convicting the accused.

Now look at the current promotions of NCB
The Supreme Court bench gave this verdict with a majority of 2: 1. The decision comes at a time when the Bureau of Narcotics Control is conducting regular raids on drug traffickers in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Under this, many Bollywood stars have also caught the eye of NCB.

NCB did not get anything in Susanta case – Satish
Riya Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Mansinde also gave his opinion after the Supreme Court’s statement. Satish says it is a historic decision. How many people have been punished for such statements. Who have been accused of making forced, third-degree or threatening statements. Satish further said that the same was the case with all the accused in the SSR drug case. No serious offenses or drug recovery or any separate evidence was found from anyone.

This decision does not imply in favor of the rear
According to the Pinkvilla report, Mansinde said that many innocent people would be saved after this decision. However, this decision is no longer effective in the case of Riya Chakraborty. Speaking of Riya, the NCB arrested him on September 2. Rhea spent about 27 days in jail and was granted bail on October 7.


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