Sath Nivana Sathya 2: ‘Gopi Bahu’ and ‘Ahem Ji’ to be dropped from the show, last episode information released

Sath Nibna Sathya 2 (Photo Credit – @Khilji_Nazim / Instagram)

Sath Nihna Sathya 2 (Sath Nivana Sathya 2) ‘Gopi Bahu’ actress Debolina Bhattacharjee and ‘Ahem Ji’ actor Mohammad Nazim (Mohammad Nazim) are reportedly leaving the show. Apart from that, media reports are also giving information about the last episode of this show.

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  • Latest version:November 11, 2020, 3:32 pm IST

There are a lot of new shows on Mumbai TV these days, of which Debolina Bhattacharjee (Debnath Bhattacharjee) has been the most popular in the star show ‘Sath Nibana Sathya 2’. The show received a lot of headlines when a meme related to it went extremely viral. At the same time, after this meme, the producers decided to bring the second season of the show. At the same time spectacular promos of this show have also been published. At the same time, after the start of the show, amazing news is coming about ‘Gopi Bahu’ and ‘Aheme Geo’. It is learned that Devlona Bhattacharjee and Mohammad Nazim are leaving the show.

Debolina and Mohammad Nazim are leaving the show as well as the news of their last episode in this show. According to a report in Spotboy, these two male actors of the show are going to leave the serial. From the first season of the show, three members of the Modi family ‘Gopi Bahu’, ‘Kokilaben’ and ‘Ahem Ji’ were also brought in for the second season. So that it can help promote this season. At the same time, while the show has gained a lot of popularity, there are reports that these three have been dropped from the show. Kokilaben has already confirmed the news of leaving the show.

The last episode of Debolina and Mohammad Nazim has also been published in this report. It is said that these two will be shooting the last episode of ‘Sath Nivana Sathya 2’ today. At the same time, fans of these two will be disappointed if it happens. However, according to the new plot of the show, other actors will also be seen in the lead roles.


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