Sath Nibna Sathya 2: Dasi Ratnai will remain even after becoming Bahurani! Watch the video

This propaganda is viral through social media.

In the third promotion of ‘Sath Nivana Sathya 2’, actress Debolina Bhattacharya was also seen with Gopi Bahu (Gopi Bahu) i.e. jewelery.

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Mumbai Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about many television programs, trailers of some programs have come. But listeners are eagerly waiting for the upcoming second season of the famous TV show Saath Nibaran Saathiya i.e. ‘Saath Nivana Saathiya 2’. After a love affair with the first and second promotions, the show’s creators recently released the show’s third promo, where Gehna (Jewel) is seen as a girl but is still treated like a working girl. .

Actress Debolina Bhattacharya was also seen with Gopna Bahu (Gopi Bahu) i.e. jewelery in the third promotion of Star Plus’ ‘Sath Nivana Sathiya 2’ show.

In the video, Jewel comes out of the house and makes tea with the married couple. At the same time, a sound was heard from behind that the gem had turned into tea. Jewel then takes tea. He is then seen cutting vegetables, cleaning dishes, polishing shoes and washing clothes. Seeing Jewel do so much work, a house helper says that Jewel is also the housemaid

Meanwhile, seeing Jewel working, her husband Ananta came there and asked why you are working. You are the youngest daughter-in-law of this family. At the end of the prom, Debolina says she will be able to end this behavior with Infinity Jewel.

This propaganda is viral through social media. While sharing the video, Star Plus wrote – How will Ratna cross Bahurani’s journey from a working girl?

I tell you that this show came to the headlines when a memo about it went viral. At the same time, the makers have decided to bring its second season. Since then fans have been eagerly awaiting the show. However, the producers have shared promos for the upcoming season to reduce the appetite of the fans. The show will air from 9pm on October 19th.


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