Sarah will be seen in a film with Karthik Aryan, Kareena revealed

Sara Ali Khan is one of the most popular star children in Bollywood. Sara made her Bollywood debut last year with ‘Kedarnath’. His honest Mao was praised for the work that Sara Ali Khan did. But Kareena has recently said something about the whole-date.

Kareena advised Sarah

Once, Kareena was asked about Kareena’s date with Sarah and she was asked what advice she would give him? In response, Kareena said without hesitation, ‘Never date your first hero’. After which various kinds of news started coming in the media. But recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan has arrived on Karan Johar’s much awaited show ‘Coffee with Karan 6’. This time, while talking about Sara and Karthik, Kareena said that soon these two will be seen working on a film. A film is being planned with these two. Kareena said, ‘It would be nice to see these two with each other. The pair will look good on the big screen. It will be a big budget film and also a good story.

The news came a few days ago

Let me tell you that Sara Ali Khan said that she wants to date Karthik Aryan. After which Karthik also said that tell the whole date, I will reach the place where I am talking that day. And now the two are set to work on a film.


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