Sara Jahan Se Aancha: Because of this Shah Rukh Khan has released the film, now released

For a long time now, the market has been buzzing with discussions about Rakesh Sharma’s biopic ‘Sara Jahan Se Asha’. It was first learned that Aamir Khan will be seen in the film. Then came the news that Shah Rukh Khan is going to do this film but later it was found out that Shah Rukh has also come out of this film. But it is now clear why he did it.

That is why Shah Rukh left the film

Anjum Rajabali, author of ‘Sara Jahan Se Asha’, told The Indian Express that Shah Rukh Khan had given up the reason for releasing the film. He said, ‘When you asked me there was some difficulty in the story of the film Zero. Himanshu is a great writer, but a man sometimes goes wrong. I don’t think King Khan refused to do a good job from where the space angle is. In my opinion, after the flop of Zero, he also shivered because there was a lot of hard work in this film.

Mahesh Mathai will do a picture

For your information, let me tell you, Mahesh Mathai is going to direct this film. In which the story will be shown from the arrival of Rakesh Sharma in the Indian Air Force on a space trip.


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