Sanju’s father’s health has been steadily declining for the last 53 days, Sanjay Dutt looks very weak in viral image

17 days ago

  • On August 11, Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Sanju is undergoing treatment in Mumbai and has been on a US visa for five years

Sanjay Dutt’s new viral film has caused problems for his loved ones. Sanjay Dutt poses with fans in a photo. He looks very weak in this picture. After seeing the photo, users on social media are praying for his speedy recovery. The day before, Sanjay Dutt met his children in Dubai. She looked good then.

After seeing the picture, a user said that the father is looking very weak, hopefully he will get well soon. Another user said, hopefully Sanju will feel better soon. Notably, on August 11, Sanju received news of lung cancer.

Nahta said – Sanju has lame cancer

Sanjay Dutt is not in good health. Industry trade expert Komal Nahata said in August that Sanjay Dutt has lame cancer. He wished Sanjay a speedy recovery on Twitter. However, Sanjay’s family has not made any official announcement in this regard. Sanju went to Dubai for a while and now he is back in Mumbai.

Kokilaban is undergoing treatment, but his wife has not confirmed it

According to reports, Sanjay has stage IV cancer, which is being treated at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. But, in August, Manyata wrote a post on social media and pleaded not to speculate about the disease. “I thank all those who have prayed for Sanjur’s recovery,” she said in a statement. We need prayer to get out of this difficult time. This family has endured a lot in the past, but I am sure this time will also pass. My request to all of you is to ignore any rumors of Sanju fans.


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