Sanjay Dutt, who underwent immunotherapy and not chemo at the hospital, was wrong, he lost 20 kg due to treatment.

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  • Sanjay Dutt’s viral photo is true, false claim to lose 20 kg weight, clarity from family members he is taking immunotherapy in hospital

Amit Karna, Mumbai13 days ago

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Recently, a picture of Sanjay Dutt went viral on social media, showing him to be very weak. She is said to have lost weight due to chemotherapy. But the truth is something else. According to the information received by Daily Bhaskar, he is not doing 20 kg of chemotherapy or chemotherapy.

Sanju informed the daily Bhaskar, who is close to his father, that he had lost only five kilograms and was undergoing immunotherapy instead of chemo. According to relatives, the actor’s illness is not as serious as is being speculated in the media.

Sanjay spends two to three hours in the gym every day

Close friends of the actor also objected to the claim that he had lost 20 kg on the basis of photographs. A member of his family said, “What kind of weight loss was predicted in the picture?” It is an insult to a warrior like Sanjay. The reality is he spends two to three hours a day in the gym. For the upcoming movies, he has to appear in a slim look.

He had a full beard because he had a beard.

Citing the health reasons for his fall, his close ones said that Sanjay had not shaved for a long time. In such a situation the folds of his face and neck could not be seen due to the beard and the face looked full.

He shaved before going to Dubai

Recently, before shaving in Dubai, he shaved clean and on his way back from there he was told to get sick because of his thin face, when in reality he is fit and healthy and meeting new writers and directors every day. In the last two days, he has heard new stories from two or three directors.

‘Dum Dum Diga Diga’ with Ravi Chad

Filmmaker Ravi Chada has also confirmed the close friends of Sanjay Dutt. Ravi Chadda is screening ‘Dum Dum Diga Diga’ with him. It also stars Jackie Shroff and Sunil Sethi. It is being produced by Yasvi Films. Who has recently done ‘Setters’ in the context of Shreyas Talpade and Pawan Malhotra

Sanju will finish the rest of the work soon

Taking care of Sanjay Dutt’s convenience, the producers have kept the shooting schedule at Mehboob Studios. According to him, it will be a film like ‘Dhamal’. In addition to this project, Sanju will soon finish dubbing ‘Shamsher’ and the rest of Bhuj: India’s Pride.

Taking immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy

People close to Sanjay Dutt have also spoken about their development. According to him, Sanjay is taking immunotherapy instead of chemo. This is a new technology. In which the body’s immune cells help fight cancer-causing malignant cells.

This therapy does not harm healthy cells

Taking immunotherapy makes the fight against the disease so strong that it can also fight against cancer. Many people in the report have benefited from immuno oncology. In this strategy, immunity booster therapy is given keeping in mind the needs of every person. Thus, immune cells specifically attack cancer cells and do not damage healthy cells in the body.

Healthy cells are also badly affected by chemotherapy.

This is the difference here compared to chemotherapy. Healthy cells are also affected during chemo. As a result, the cancer is expected to recur. Sanjay Dutt is taking immunotherapy. They can avoid side effects of treatment.


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