Salman’s South Korean stuntman Kwon Tai Ho for ‘Radhe’ will be seen in a high octane action scene.

8 days ago

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Salman Khan, who has been away from shooting for almost a month during the lockdown, has almost finished shooting for Radha. For the rest, Salman G is busy with life. Where the film has to shoot a high octane action scene. For this work, Salman Koun has chosen Tai Ho. So do some special stunt scenes in the movie.

There will be a scene between Randeep and Salman

Tai Ho first came to India in November 2019 to shoot these scenes. In the scene, Salman i.e. Radhe, Goan will be in Randeep, the head of the drug mafia.

So you will shake hands with Salman

So he stayed in India for a month. The fight scene was shot at Bandra Studio. In this scene, Tayyak will be seen shaking hands with Salman. According to news related to the filming of the scene, it will be shot in dry light and smoke.


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