Salman Khan will be seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ movie

New Delhi: Bollywood nephew Salman Khan has announced on the stage of Bigg Boss 14 that he will be seen with Shah Rukh Khan soon. He said that he will be seen sending pictures of Shah Rukh Khan. Now news is coming that Salman Khan has also started shooting for ‘Pathan’.

Shooting has started

Salman Khan was spotted outside Yashraj Studios a few hours ago. It is heard that he has started shooting for Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan. A post has been posted on Viral Vayani’s Instagram handle. The tweet said, ‘Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan came to shoot at 4pm on Thursday, long after the evening. It is said that Katrina Kaif was also inside.

Salman was coming out in the car

According to the news published in our partner website Bollywood Life, Salman Khan has been spotted outside Yashraj Studios. It is said that Salman Khan was coming out of the shooting studio of ‘Pathan’. Meanwhile, the media captured him on camera.

Both will take action

Bollywood actor Salman Khan came out of Yashraj Studios in a white car. It is heard that Salman Khan will be seen helping Shah Rukh Khan in the incarnation of a tiger. In addition to this, both of them (Pathan) will be seen in action in the film. Aditya Chopra has also planned an action scene for the two.

The fans are excited

Let me tell you, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan will be seen soon. Both the fans are very excited about this news. The two will be seen together after a long time. Salman Khan has several more films ready to be released this year. Fans of this ‘Radhe’ are eagerly waiting. Disha Patni is also a part of this film.

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