Salman Khan has paid all the medical bills of Faraz Khan, Kashmiri Shah shared the information and wrote- You are truly a great person

6 days ago

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Actor Faraz Khan, who starred in ‘Mehndi’ and ‘Fareb’, has been admitted to the ICU ward of Vikram Hospital in Bangalore.

  • Faraz Khan, who is suffering from a brain infection, has around Rs 25 lakh for his treatment. Will cost
  • Faraj Khan’s family members appealed for help through a fundraising website

Salman Khan, Faraj Khan’s successor in ‘Main Pyaar Kiya’, has come forward to help him in difficult times. He has decided to pay all the medical bills of the actor ‘Mehndi’ who was admitted to Vikram Hospital in Bangalore in critical condition. Kashmiri Shah has claimed this on social media with Salman, who is the wife of comedian Krishna Abhishek and has acted in films like ‘Dulhan Hum Le Le Jayenge’ and ‘Kahini Pyaar Nare Ho Jaaye’.

Kashmira writes – You are a great person

Kashmiri wrote while sharing a picture of Salman Khan in his post – You are a really great person are Faraz Khan and thank you for taking care of his medical bill. ‘Fareb’ actor Faraj Khan is in critical condition and Salman Khan is standing by his side and helping him like many others.

I am a real fan and will always be. If people don’t like this post, it doesn’t matter. You have to follow me. This is what I am thinking and feeling. I think he (Salman) is the most genuine person in the industry I have met. “

The family sought financial help

On Wednesday, Faraj’s family members sought financial help from the public through a fundraising website. He wrote in his post that on October 8, Faraz was admitted to the hospital after his condition worsened.

According to doctors, Faraz has a brain infection that will require him to be kept in the ICU for 7-10 days, at a cost of around Rs 25 lakh. (Read full news)


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